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  • YOU MUST WARN FOR DISTURBING CONTENT, EVEN IF IT'S A REQUEST & NOT A FILL. "Disturbing content" includes, but is not limited to: sexual or physical violence/abuse, underage, blood/bodily fluids other than the norm, self-harm, and death. Please use common sense (and let me know if I missed anything obvious that should be on this list).

  • Note that you CAN prompt any of the above... just warn for it.

  • Any group, any rating, any prompt, any kink, no restrictions. Let's have a fic meme where fics actually get written! Juniors welcome! New authors welcome!

  • To that effect, if you don't like somebody's prompt or fill, just move on and wait for somebody to make an author meme so that you can complain about it. This is not the place.

  • I will create an index as prompts are filled. c:

  • UPDATE: Comment subject lines are back! It would be helpful if you could put the pairing you want in the subject line of your comment.

  • You can use this little form to write your prompt if you want.


    I will update the index at least 1x per day, so if your fill isn't here yet, it will be soon!

  • Ohno Satoshi/Ninomiya Kazunari; "Nino lent his boyfriend his gaming console to play with, since he had been asking for it for so long. But what happens when Ohno accidentally deleted his only save file and Nino finds out?" (warning: slight BDSM)
  • Sakurai Sho/Matsumoto Jun (summary is too long; read it at link)
  • Sakurai Sho/Matsumoto Jun/Aiba Masaki; "Sho is Aiba's master but Jun is a master that always get what he wants and this time he wants Aiba. I will be happy whatever the ending is Sho/Aiba, Jun/Aiba or Sho/Aiba/Jun" (warning: slight BDSM)

  • Jinguji Yuta/Iwahashi Genki; "Genki gets pushed to the breaking point during Gamushara filming"
  • Kouchi Yugo/Kyomoto Taiga; "Kouchi has a crush on Taiga who just doesn't seem to get it"
  • Kyomoto Taiga/Jesse Lewis; "They haven't been paired up much recently so they miss each other"

  • Okura Tadayoshi/Yasuda Shota; "They are on vacations and coincidentally go to the same place, so they decide to spend their time together. When they come back to work they hide it from the other members. It can be all cute and fluff or end up with smut."

  • Ueda Tatsuya/Kamenashi Kazuya; "I wanna see someone use Ueda's new solo ART OF LIFE as the theme"
  • Nakamaru Yuichi/Taguchi Junnosuke; "Nakamaru as a master thief who needs help for his latest heist. Enter Taguchi the expert safe-cracker."

  • Kitayama Hiromitsu/Fujigaya Taisuke; "Kisumai go to a festival to play & watch fireworks. Kitayama likes the way Fujigaya looks in a Yukata...maybe a bit to much. Smut ensues. (Please don't make them an established couple)"

  • Kikuchi Fuma/Yo Marius; "Marius wonders why Fuma always bullies him instead of the other group members and confront him about it... It turns out that Fuma is just too shy to display his love affection publicly"
  • Kikuchi Fuma/Nakajima Kento; "Fuma couldn't endure the ShoriKen fanservices"
  • Nakajima Kento/Kikuchi Fuma; "Possessive, rough sex. NOT VIOLENT."
  • Nakajima Kento/Kikuchi Fuma; "sho takes advantage of fuma's admiration for him & manipulates him into some kind of sexual situation (whatever authornon desires). fuma does consent but later regrets it & kento comforts him. bonus for an awkward/angry confrontation between kento and sho." (warning: non-con)
  • Nakajima Kento/Sato Shori; "Shori thinks Kento doesn't like him because he does fanservice with pretty much anyone"
  • Nakajima Kento/Sexy Zone; "3 times it was fan service + 1 time it was real (you decide who)" (warning: slight underage content; nothing x-rated)

  • Chinen Yuri/Morimoto Shintaro; "smut" (in a storage closet)
  • Nishikido Ryo/Ueda Tatsuya; "ryo has a crush on ueda but he forgot about it with the time passing , since they don't really meet that much ! But when they meet at akanishi's ( they were having a party for jin to congratulate him for his new company) ryo remembers his old crush , and notices that it got bigger ! And things go awkwardly sweetly hot !
  • Matsumura Hokuto/Sato Shori; "Pokémon!au, first meeting of the Trainer and Pokémon (who is the trainer and who is a Pokémon is up to author)"
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